Train the Trainer

Because teachers are students too.

To create a structured learning environment you need to use a range of techniques, to engage your students and adapt to any situation. Doing a course at the Migros Club School will help you become an effective teacher. Whether you are just starting out or have gained experience in another professional field, our courses are designed to help you take the next step. 


The Migros Club School is committed to helping everyone reach their professional goal and offers courses leading to the following qualifications: 

  • SVEB Certificate (level 1 qualification, module 1)
  • Swiss Federal Vocational Diploma (level 2 qualification, modules 2 to 5)

Teaching foreign students - fide

We provide Language Teacher for Integration modules based on the fide system (fide – learning, teaching and appraising language in Switzerland), which was developed by the Federal Office for Migration. These modules teach you about sociolinguistic inte-gration, key aspects of teaching a foreign or second language, and scenario-based teaching according to the fide system, where the needs of the students shape the learning process.

Take a look at the selection of courses and contact us if you have any questions or require further assistance.

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