Movement and Health

Mind, body and soul.

In today’s hectic world it’s important to keep a good work-life balance. This means getting enough movement and having a healthy lifestyle.


Our courses include: 

  • Sport
  • fitness
  • massage
  • relaxation
  • dance 
  • nutrition 
  • latest trends in physical exercise

Our courses are suitable for newbies, amateurs, committed enthusiasts and even pro-fessional trainers seeking to benefit from the expertise of others. The aim is to have fun, learn useful new skills, stay healthy and meet like-minded individuals along the way. Our trainers are highly qualified and use the most advanced techniques to engage course participants.

Give your professional and private life a boost. Sign up for a Movement & Health course and feel the difference in your mind, body and soul.

Trial sessions

Want to find out if a course is right for you? The Migros Club School offers trial sessions for courses such as hatha yoga, pilates, aqua-fitness, ballet workout and bodytoning. Check the courses to see if trial sessions are held in your region.

Migros Club School Diploma and external qualifications

Some courses in the Movement & Health division allow participants to obtain a certifi-cate in their chosen discipline. Find out more about certification at Migros Club School here