Communication opens doors.

Learning a new language is not a simple task. It requires hard work and dedication. Fortunately, the Migros Club School has all a beginner needs to master the basics, build up vocabulary and explore the different cultures.

You may simply want to brush up on your French or Italian, improve your German conversation skills or get to know one of Switzerland’s many cultural aspects. Take a look at our list to find the right course.

Other languages

Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s Swedish, a Japanese Travel or an intensive Spanish course, the Migros Club School has every base covered. Here is a selection of the language courses we offer:

 Arabic   Albanian   Chinese 
 Croatian   Danish  Dutch 
 English  Finnish  French 
 German  Greek  Italian
 Japanese   Persian   Polish
 Portuguese  Romansh   Romanian 
 Russian   Spanish   Swedish
 Swiss German   Thai  Turkish


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Language in business

German, French and Italian are especially popular among corporate clients who have recently moved to or are spending an extended period of time in Switzerland. Using another language provides a good basis for conducting negotiations, exchanging international correspondence and making an impression at networking events. English may be the international language of business but you are sure to stand out from the crowd if you can communicate in the native language of your target market. From beginner to advanced, the Migros Club School courses cover every level (A1 to C2) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Sign up for a language course today - open new doors tomorrow.

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Language placement test

We provide a free online language test in German, Spanish, French, Italian and English. Simply complete the test to determine your current CEFR level.

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Exam preparation courses

Click here to find out more about attaining a language certificate or diploma.

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Online Academy

Are you looking for an online course? Find out more about the Online Academy courses as an alternative.

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