Customised business training courses

Individually tailored to your requirements

Would you like your training to include company-specific content? Are you looking for a provider that can prepare courses covering a wide range of topics? Do you want the courses to be held externally or at your offices? Then head to the Migros Club School, Switzerland’s largest private institute for professional development.


Take advantage of our expertise and the opportunity to incorporate company-specific content into your training sessions. This flexibility ensures that courses are perfectly suited to your employees and your business.

The Migros Club School is highly regarded by its customers. Here are just two examples; more customer feedback can be found under References

“The individually tailored language courses offered by the Migros Club School were incredibly effective.”
Martin Wüthrich, BLS, Head of Training, Testing and Driving Safety. 

“Many aspects of the course were discussed in advance and adapted to suit our requirements.”
Peter Affentranger, Mobility Car Sharing, Human Resources 

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