Mixed Media: Material Experiments Workshop

07.11.2022 - 09.11.2022
Zürich, Klubschule Oerlikon Hofwiesenstrasse 350
Mo Mi
18:00 - 20:50


Are you keen to experiment? Immerse yourself in the world of completely opposite artist materials letting them react with each other on paper, painting cardboard and canvas. The instructor will show you techniques based on her own art projects. Be surprised by the beauty of playing with random results, discover your very own visual language and develop this independently within various techniques in abstract art.


Experimenting with different techniques: Material Experiments Workshop: · Risse (acrylic, ink and crackle varnish on cardboard and canvas) · Fragmented (oil and watercolor with turpentine substitute solvent odorless, and soapy water on paper)


Joy of experimentation


  • Experimenting with combinations of different artist materials
  • Further development of own experiments


Excl. cost of materials ca 25.- to 35.-


Tag Datum Zeit
1. Mo 07.11.2022 18:00 - 20:50
2. Mi 09.11.2022 18:00 - 20:50


Kurs/Lehrgang Mixed Media: Material Experiments Workshop
Kursnummer E_1616816
Max. Teilnehmer 12
Dauer 2 Kurstag(e)
Total 6 Lektion(en)
zu 50 Min.
Datum 07.11.2022 - 09.11.2022
  • Mo
  • Mi
Zeit 18:00 - 20:50

Kursgeld CHF 135.00
Material exkl.

Annullationsschutz CHF 2.70

Total: CHF 137.70

Total: CHF 135.00
inkl. allfälliger MwST.


Klubschule Oerlikon
Hofwiesenstrasse 350
8050 Zürich

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