Placement tests for companies

Ideal transfer of knowledge thanks to employee assessment

Having trouble finding the right courses for your employees? Look no further than the Migros Club School’s online placement tests. These reliable and objective tests provide a quick indication of your employees' level and which courses would be most suitable for them. By starting off on the right foot, you will be on track for fast learning success.

The Migros Club School offers:  

  • Information technology assessment: MS Office, ECDL, IT courses with a DIPLOMA etc. 
  • Language assessment: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

The placement tests will reveal your employees’ individual skill level and also highlight any areas requiring improvement. Based on this information, the Migros Club School can determine the most effective form of training and put together a suitable programme.

Proper assessment and placement makes the learning experience so much more enjoyable. With your employees picking up new skills within a shorter space of time, you’ll benefit from the best possible knowledge transfer.

Contact one of our regional customer service representatives to find out more about our language and information technology placement tests.