Placement tests & registration portal

Help your employees to achieve their professional development goals

Keen to see your employees achieve their professional development goals faster? But want to minimise the amount of administrative effort that goes into organising training? The Migros Club School offers a series of tools to make your administrative and educational procedures easier, from proficiency tests and language assessments, to the user-friendly EASY registration portal.


Placement tests for information technology and languages 

Online, fast, proven and reliable – the proficiency tests enable you to quickly determine your employees’ IT or language skill level, making it easy to select the right training options.

Language assessment 

The language assessment deliver a comprehensive evaluation of your employee’s written and oral language skills. You can then select an appropriate level of training and a course that complements the aims and focus of your business. Find out more!

EASY registration portal 

Take control of your employee training with your own company portal. You can still call the shots, while we take care of the administrative side of things. Find out more about EASY – the user-friendly registration system. 

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