Information technology & new media

Tech-savvy in no time: IT courses for employees

Information technology is an exciting and multifaceted industry that never stands still. Don’t get left behind. Your employees need regular training to keep up with constantly evolving software, systems and new media.


Luckily, the Migros Club School is here to help. With our support, your team can quickly fill any gaps in their IT skill set. Our modular courses can be tailored to the programs you use and the kind of situations your business faces, so your employees will be able to quickly apply their new skills to their everyday work.

Contact one of our regional customer service representatives to find out more about our modular and publicly available courses in the following areas:

  • MS Office applications 
  • Image processing and publishing 
  • Online applications, design and development 
  • Operating systems and networks 
  • Programming

Do your employees require training in Word, Excel or PowerPoint? Then look no further than the MS Office modules offered by the Migros Club School.