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          Boost your employees’ language skills

          You are probably already well aware of how important language skills are in day-to-day business. These skills help to create a positive work environment and successful business relationships: at construction sites, in meetings with international clients, or during communication with foreign subsidiaries.

          Increase your company’s language proficiency with our business language courses.

          Modular courses with a practical approach 

          Our modular language courses emphasise the value of practical communication skills. After all, your employees should be able to apply their newly-acquired language skills in real-life work situations as soon as possible.

          Industry-specific vocabulary 

          We take into account industry-specific vocabulary, as well as cultural aspects that are relevant to the everyday running of your business.

          Individually tailored learning formats 

          Our extensive expertise enables us to meet your individual requirements. Lessons are designed to relate directly to your business practices. Alongside the courses that we offer to the public, we also provide customised course formats for groups and individuals.

          Find the perfect business language course for your company here. Contact one of our regional customer service representatives to find out more.